Fresh Icelandic Cod & Haddock Supplier

Shipped Direct to You within 24 Hours of Catch 

Due to greater regulations and restrictions on our local fisheries in recent years, the popularity and importation of Fresh Icelandic Cod & Haddock into the U.S. has grown exponentially over the last decade.

On a weekly basis, Nova imports and provides its customers with high quality seafood from Iceland. We happen to be the only U.S. company with a seat on the RSF Icelandic Auction.  If the species is sold on the Icelandic Auction - Cod, Haddock, Wolffish, Saithe, Plaice, Redfish, etc. -  we can purchase, process, and ship the product to direct to you—within 24 hours of catch.

Nova in Iceland

From Storsjor Seafood, our partner in Iceland, Nova’s experienced buyers purchase direct from long-line and handline-only vessels, fishing in the chilly North Atlantic waters. Once the fish arrives and passes Nova’s stringent quality test, our team processes the fish to exact customer specifications and transports the product to the Keflavik Airport, just a short 10-minute drive away. Nova’s Fresh Icelandic fish is delivered within 24 hours to any U.S. city serviced by Icelandair.

Where does Icelandair fly direct? 

New York (JFK) 
Washington, D.C.(Dulles) 

Is there a species of Fresh Icelandic fish you’d like to source?

Are you looking for a Fresh Icelandic Cod supplier? Give us a call. The experienced and dedicated Nova team will do the best possible job we can to make sure you get the fish you need, when you need it.

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