Wild Caught North Hokkaido Scallops

Nova sources and sells the finest Hokkaido scallops, sourced Direct from the coastline of Hokkaido,
the largest and most northern Japanese island.

Firm and Sweet Scallops - Delectible!

At Hokkaido, two nutrient-rich currents—the warm Kuroshio and the cold Oyashio—collide to create a bountiful fishery that produces the sweet, tender Hokkaido scallop, considered by some to be the world’s finest seafood.

The flavor of this ocean delicacy is unlike any North American scallop we have tasted. They have an incredible deep umami flavor and a uniquely firm texture. While perfectly cooked domestic scallops can provide a silky, almost custard-like delicate texture, Hokkaido scallops have a dense, steak-like flavor profile.

North Hokkaido scallops, available year-round from Nova Seafood, are packed in metal or plastic gallons, and sold in the following sizes:

 U-10 ct

 U-12 ct

10-20 ct

20-30 ct

Call your reputable Nova fishmonger for pricing and more info!

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