New England Fish Auction Presence.

Nova Seafood Sits on All Three of New England’s Major Fish Auctions.

New England’s oldest seafood display auction, The Portland Fish Exchange, which is the model for all-display fish auctions, is at Nova’s backdoor in Portland, Maine. The other two major New England fish auctions—The Cape Ann Seafood Exchange in Gloucester, MA and the Whaling City Display Auction in New Bedford, MA—are located just a few hours drive south.

Nova has Eyes on the Fish.

You can be sure if it’s an auction day, Nova’s fish and seafood buyers and graders have eyes on the fish. At every auction, we personally inspect the day’s catch, call customers to give grading reports, and take buy orders based on what is available. Once the auctions wrap up, Nova’s fish and seafood purchases are immediately packed and trucked, direct from the auction to Boston, NYC and the Fulton Fish Market, or to our nearby facility for processing and shipment later that same day to customers across the United States.

Portland Fish Exchange: Sunday-Thursday, 11:00am EST

Whaling City Display Auction: Monday-Friday, 6:00am EST

Cape Ann Seafood Exchange: Monday-Friday, 6:00am EST

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