New England Seafood Company

Nova sources and sells seafood to the leading retailers and
distributors across the United States and Canada.
We also provide wholesale seafood
to local Maine restaurants.

New England Seafood Company - Distributors

Seafood Retailers

Nova is a seafood retailer’s crystal ball. Need to plan next month’s fresh seafood special? Call us.

Nova is a fully-integrated and knowledgeable seafood distributor, with access to the items you need, when you need them, and at prices that work for both of us.

New England Seafood Company - Retailers

Seafood Distributors

Why make three calls when you can make one? Nova is the seafood distributor’s one-stop shop. Looking for the tried and true? Considering new products?

Your Nova Team member has all the knowledge–and the seafood–you need. Just ask. We’ll answer and deliver.

Local Maine Restaurants - Nova Seafood - Portland

Local Maine & New Hampshire Restaurants

We know fish. We know logistics and customer service. Most of all, we have first-hand knowledge of the restaurant business.

The next time you need high quality seafood, give us a call. We are passionate and knowledgeable about seafood and are dedicated to making our customers happy. Our experienced, discerning buyers will be your eyes on the waterfront. They’ll work to make sure your high-quality seafood will arrive–at the agreed-upon price–on time, every time.

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