Nova Seafood Celebrates 25th Anniversary


PORTLAND, MAINE – It’s been 25 years since Angelo Ciocca and his partners opened Nova Seafood on Portland Maine’s Union Wharf. While much has changed at Nova since 1990, the company’s founding principles of hard work, dedication to customers, forthrightness, and dependability have remained constant.

In 1991, the company moved to its current location at 555 Commercial Street. Nova opened a Canadian unloading facility in 2007 and an Icelandic facility in 2014, which allows them to provide product to their growing customer base even when New England’s seafood catch is low.

Nova holds seats on all three major New England fish auctions: The Portland Fish Exchange, The Cape Ann Seafood Exchange in Gloucester, MA and the Whaling City Display Auction in New Bedford, MA. It is the only U.S. company with a seat on the Icelandic Auction.

To service its customer base, Nova has grown from the original three partners to a large team that is cross-trained in all areas of the business. This team sources product from 16 countries and markets fresh and frozen seafood items to major retailers and distributors across the United States and Canada. Their efforts have helped Nova become one of the largest seafood importers and distributors on the East Coast of the United States.

While much has changed since 1990, much has stayed the same: Nova Seafood is still run by Angelo Ciocca and remains to this day, a hands-on business dedicated to delivering competitively priced, quality seafood to their loyal and growing customer base.

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