Market Watch Report: Fresh Icelandic Cod and Atlantic Fish Supply for Fall 2015

Market Watch Report: Fresh Icelandic Cod and Atlantic Fish Supply for Fall 2015

Good day from lovely Portland, Maine!

Over the past several weeks local groundfish and flatfish landings of any decent volume have been few and far between on the Portland Fish Exchange. Pollock, Hake, Dabs, and Monkfish have dominated our auction, and this trend is likely to continue through October.

Landings on the Whaling City Auction (New Bedford) have been up and down with Skate, Blackbacks, Monkfish, Pollock, and Haddock making up the bulk of the auctions “Down Below”, as we Maine-ahs like to call it.

Hake, Pollock, and especially Haddock landings in Nova Scotia should be strong through October. Halibut landings should also be decent through the end of the month. In early November, most fishermen up north will switch to hauling Lobster.

Canadian Dayboat Scallop landings will start to increase in the near future, and we expect the average boat-run sizing to be in the 20-25 count range.

Icelandic Cod & Haddock will remain plentiful through the end of the year. Our only struggles as we get into the winter months will be the restriction of airspace to the U.S. and obviously, the volatile Icelandic marine weather conditions for the harvesters.

Remember, October is officially “National Seafood Month”, so BUY, SELL, & EAT lots of seafood!

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