Nova Sources Sustainable Seafood

Nova Seafood is a hands-on business that combines old fishmonger wisdom with innovative technology to source seafood from responsible and well-managed fisheries 

Nova is able to follow the fish and bring quality sustainable seafood from well-managed bountiful sources to our customers around the world.

Whether wild-caught direct from vessels or through one of our seats on the New England fish auctions, the Nova Team are experts at sourcing sustainable seafood. Our Team buys and sells the finest fish at competitive prices, but it’s important to note that we source from strictly-managed and regulated fisheries, which ensure that fish stocks—both domestic and international—remain bountiful for years to come. Our definition of Sustainability is simple: "Meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs." We also understand that others may have different definitions of what it means to be sustainable, and we're okay with that.

International Locations:
Portland, ME & Maritime, Canada

For over twenty years, when New England’s catch has been low, Nova has turned to international waters in order to deliver quality, sustainable seafood to our customers. From each of our strategic locations, we work to deliver the absolute finest quality sustainable seafood.

Premium Seafood

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