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The Truth is in the Fish!

Whether wild-caught direct from vessels or through one of our seats on the New England fish auctions, the Nova Seafood team expertly sources, prices, and delivers the world’s finest Fresh & Frozen Seafood to the leading retailers and distributors across the United States and Canada.

At the Hub for Quality Seafood Sourcing

An international wholesale seafood distributor, Nova’s two strategic locations in Portland, Maine and Maritime, Canada, put us at the hub of vibrant fisheries and diverse shipping routes that allow us to provide our customers with high quality seafood, often within 24 hours of catch.

quality seafood
Our Products

Fresh Seafood

The expert Nova team procures, processes, and delivers the finest fresh seafood—at competitive prices—to customers across the United States and Canada.

Frozen Seafood

In addition to our full line of fresh seafood, Nova customers rely on us to provide competitively priced, quality frozen seafood sourced from around the world.

Sourcing and Sustainability | Nova Seafood

Sourcing & Sustainability

Yes, the Nova team buys and sells the finest fish at competitive prices, but it’s important to note that we source from strictly-managed and regulated fisheries, which ensure that fish stocks—both domestic and international—remain bountiful for years to come. Our definition of Sustainability is simple:  'Meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs'. We also understand that others may have different definitions of what it means to be sustainable, and we're okay with that.                       

How We Source Seafood
Capacity | Nova Seafood

Capacity to Deliver

Nova combines old-school fishmongering and negotiating experience with logistical solutions and cutting edge technology to provide our customers across the United States and Canada with the quality seafood they trust everytime.

Our Capacity to Deliver
Logistics and Delivery | Nova Seafood

Logistics & Delivery

Portland is the first major stop coming south from Maritime Canada, so Nova customers receive the top of the catch, every single day.

How We Ship Seafood

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